Matrimandir- Auroville

Pondicherry / Puducherry

Auroville( City Of Dawn) is an experimental township in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu at a distance of 13km from Pondicherry. Founded by “Mirra Alfassa” in 1968 and It lies on East Coast Road and French Architect Roger Anger is the one who designed it well. The word Auroville also known as Universal Town which means people can live peacefully, irrespective of nationality, colour, caste and creed. Purpose of auroville, Pondicherry was to emphasize human unity that are promoting message of the founder of Auroville, Mirra Alfassa.

Auroville is one of the best eyecatching and sightseeing tourist place in Pondicherry. Officially inaugurated of Auroville on 28th February 1968 and endorsed by UNESCO and the Government of India. Soil from 124 Countries was placed and mixed inside a lotus shaped urn during its inauguration and symbolizing universal oneness.

Auroville is the place that built to welcome people from all over the world to live together and explore scientific, educational, cultural and spiritual pursuits as per the Auroville charter.

Matrimandir(Temple of the Divine Mother)at the centre of the town houses. Height of the spherical structure with the lotus bud shaped foundation is 100 foot high. Outer walls are decorated by Gold-Encased Discs. The chamber of white marble floor and walls are the structure for exquisite meditation. Sunlight entering directly to the huge crystal globe which illuminates mysteriously providing a focus for meditation.

Auroville it contains totally twelve gardens, lakes and an amphitheatre. Matrimandir passes are provided by the visitors centre.

Art gallery and video theatre are also there in the visitor centre. Timings: 10.30AM, 11.30AM, 2.30PM, 3PM & 3.30PM). Also there is a cafeteria and some boutiques offering shopping opportunities in Auroville.

Timing for passes:  Weekdays: 9.30AM to 12.30PM and 1.45PM to 4PM.  Sundays: 9.30AM to 12.30PM.

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