Pondicherry / Puducherry

Arikamedu is located at around 7km from Pondicherry. Ancient roman trade centre hiden from the eyes is Arikamedu-Tamil Tourism. Arikamedu, the only city with an archaeological record of Roman presence in India. Its name has been taken from the tamil word “Arikanmedu” which means “Eroding Mount”.

Arikamedu was initially a fishing town and was later converted into a harbor town made up of bricks. Indo-Roman ties in the before christ era, But with the discovery and excavation of Arikamedu, Extensive proofs were Unearthed. Arikamedu port town was occupied by the people of Rome, Cholas and French. They serving as a very famous maritime center from 1st century BC to 2nd century AD.

Textiles, beads, Terracotta artifacts and gold and semi precious jewellery were exported to greco Roman ports and other countries in the east from Arikamedu. Glass bead manufacturing factory of Arikamedu is called the mother of all bead centres in the whole worldwide.

An archaeological site in Kakkayanthope is known as Arikamedu. Arikamedu claims that there was trade between Rome and ancient Tamil India. Roman artifacts like containers bearing the mark of Roman Potter schools VIBII, cAMURI & IITA have been found here. Arikamedu is located along the beautiful Ariyankuppam river.

City with an Archaeological record of Roman presence in india is believed to be Arikamedu.
Various ceramic products were imported by tamil products like Wines in amphora jars, cups and plates of “Terra Sigillata”(fine red roman clay pots), beads, terracotta objects, glass, gems, plants, spices were exported.

Arikamedu is the Continuity from 300BC to 1800AD, the only rare cultural surviving site in south india. Arikamedu was once a flourishing town and that town was Poduke or Pondicherry or Puduceri or Puduvai.

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