I Food Restaurant

At ifood, we come every day to work because we need to serve the hungry stomach. We strive hard for efficient, caring and exceptional service as close to perfection. We love to create, produce and serve full-favoured, healthy and delicious food that is ruled by taste on every single bite. We also want to be considered as good place to relish and cherish with family and friends. We do care a lot about the community and we are part and parcel of the community. We purchase from our local farms, donate food to charitable causes.

Here at the Restaurant, you would feel at home. It’s more than a dining room away from home. The lighting, spacing, table arrangements create comfort and an apt place to enjoy with your family and friends. It’s absolutely a perfect place for any occasion. Our chef is so experienced and the flavors blend well with the taste.

We are always excited about building strong customer relationship and so please pay us a visit.

One thing is obvious when someone walks through our front door. We know how to give them a good time.

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Puducherry 605009 PY IN
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No.117, (opp.to Volkswagen Car Showroom), Kamaraj Salai, Puducherry, 605009
PH:99439 83355