Old Light House

The old light house is one of the pondicherry’s most famous landmarks and is situated on Goubert Avenue. It can be reached at a distance of 3 km from the bus stand in Pondicherry.

Louis Guerre laid the foundation of this Lighthouse in 1835. Lighthouse is 29 meters high. Built in the 19th century by the erstwhile French rulers in Pondicherry, the old lighthouse is one of the most important historical places to visit in Pondicherry.  Its light beam could be seen from a distance of 15 miles. The light source consisted of six oil lamps and two reflectors. The light source was converted to electric lamps in 1913. The new lamp had a range of 26 nautical miles.

It once offered the only light for guiding the ships in the sea across the Red Hills and today stands as an integral reminder of engineering and architecture. This interesting spot in Pondicherry is a delightful visit for those history lovers.

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